Your Personal Grant Writer Coach, Trainer, and Proposal Reviewer

The 7 TRUTHS of
Successful Grant Funded Proposals!

Goals and primary customers have a persuasive, documented need.

S.M.A.R.T. outcomes lead to results with impact.

Evidence and evaluation will support the proposed solution.

Funding source and your grant application align well together.

Clearly presented and understandable content; with a reasonable and shared request.

Applicant is an expert provider with involved partnerships.

The proposed program is sustainable and could be replicable.



Gain The Advantage LLC, as your personal grant writer coach, trainer, and proposal reviewer provides individualized expert services to your organization.

If your grant writer is new to your agency or even an experienced professional, we maximize the benefits and impact, and minimize intrusion to your valuable time.

Allow us to be your personal Grant Writer Coach, Trainer, and Proposal Reviewer.




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The 7 TRUTHS of Successful Grant Funded Proposals!

What we can do for you.

We will work one-to-one to support your grant writer and proposal development team, to plan and prepare your next persuasive grant application.

Our mission is to build your capacity to succeed in grant-funding of programs important to the success of your mission.

Receive individualized application reviews and recommendations for improvement.  

One of the most valuable services we provide is a detailed section-by-section review of your grant application. This is best to do when your proposal in being developed and is in draft formats.

If there is a prior application you plan to resubmit, it will significantly benefit from professional review and improvement feedback. Through our study of the funder guidelines and recommendations for change, you can gain the advantage over completing proposals by receiving an assessment by an experienced grant reviewer. 



Our services will lead you to gain the advantage!

 One-to-One Support

We will work one-to-one with your grant writer, and also as expert support for your grant project team. We’re here for you during and outside regular business hours, working with you at your location; PLUS through the convenience and time-saving of online video conferencing.


Preparing for Success

 As an experienced grant writer coach, trainer, and proposal reviewer, Bruce will provide customized, professional assistance to help you plan and prepare the next persuasive grant application.


New Grant Writer Training

Individual or group training programs such as: funder research, logic models, S.M.A.R.T. outcomes, basic and advanced application components, identifying evidence-based research, project evaluation, becoming grant ready and more.


Application Review

We study funder requirements and provide an individualized review of the draft or other application content. Our report to you is a section-by-section assessment including important recommendation for improvement.

A message from Bruce.


Long ago I learned that “you can’t proof your own stuff”. Over my career, I’ve always sought out someone else to read what I’ve written, and provide me feedback on the content. Is what I’m presenting understandable? Am I making a strong case? Is the presentation easy to read and follow? Does my request align well with the program interests of the funding source? Simply, did I get it right!

After reviewing over 80 grant programs, and applications written by hundreds of organizations, I bring additional value to the axiom about not proofing your own writing. So when reviewing, I carefully apply the standards and criteria of public or private grant makers to a grant application. This is among the most important of the 7 TRUTHS, which is applying the rules and having a strong mission match between the applicant and the funder.


Assess to improve.

One of the best services a grant coach or trainer can provide is to read and assess your draft grant application in advance of the submission deadline. Using recommendations for improvement identified by your coach, the grant writer and project team are then ready to greatly strengthen what should be a persuasive proposal for financial support.

But even much earlier in the process, you should work with a personal grant coach to review and evaluate funding sources, and structure a best practice and measurable approach to your program plan. Then work together on developing a logic model, plus effectively address every section of the grant proposal.


Perhaps you will invite ‘Gain the Advantage’ to be your coach… to provide expert feedback and recommendations, and help you align your interests and needs to the goals of the funder… to provide editing and presentation suggestions… and to strengthen your measurable objectives and outcomes as well as your evaluation approach. We will help you tell a compelling story, based on evidence of need and a strong project plan.

Write us today at We will get back to you shortly thereafter and begin a productive, result-focused conversation together… so you can gain the advantage in grant submissions.


Bruce A. Brodsky
Grant Writer Coach, Trainer, and Proposal Reviewer


Your Personal Grant Writer Coach, Trainer, and Proposal Reviewer

Bruce founded Gain The Advantage, LLC in 2017.

He retired as Director of Special Projects, and formerly Director of Community Development for Upstate Cerebral Palsy. Previously Bruce served as President of United Way of Greater Utica, and as Director of Development for Utica College.

He currently serves as  Vice President and Audit Committee Chair of the Mohawk Valley Water Authority. He is also Treasurer, former Chair and founder of Utica Dollars for Scholars. Previously, Bruce was an elected member of the Utica Board of Education and the Oneida County Board of Legislators. In the past, he also served as President of the Utica Public Library, the Mid-York Library System, and the Oneida County Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Grant Writer Coach, Trainer,
and Proposal Reviewer

Bruce has over 40 years in management, administration and practice within the not-for-profit sector in human services, programs for persons with special needs, and education.

He has volunteered for over two-dozen community and public service groups as an organization founder, officer or board member.

His professional contributions to the field include: participation in 80+ rounds of federal, foundation and state grant application competition peer reviews (including 20+ as panel chair), as a facilitator for non-profit organization strategic planning, in survey development, and as a grant writer and sponsored program manager.

Currently he is an adjunct graduate program instructor at Utica College teaching grant writing, program planning, and evaluation.

An expert provider of grant writer coaching, training, timely support services and proposal review.

Gain The Advantage, LLC provides customized services to grant writers and their service organizations. We maximize the positive impact for you, but minimize intrusion to your valuable time.

Our focus is early preparation, timely response, and being grant deadline sensitive; thus, we check and respond to client communications frequently… and not only during business hours.

Empowering your grant writer so that your organization is successful is the ultimate and best result of our partnership.